The Fallout series has hundreds of different gameplay tweaks in the form of perks that players can choose from when they level up. These perks can sometimes give players superhuman abilities, letting them fix weapons with scrap, be more persuasive, or even make people explode. A lot of these perks are pretty useful in-game, some of which are so helpful that you almost wish you could have them in real-life. This is exactly what the Fallout subreddit has been debating - which perk would you have if you could only choose one?

One of the more popular choices in the debate is the Jury Rigging perk, an ability that allows players to fix items by scrapping similar items. Redditor Jaded-Throat-211 thinks it'd be great if they could fix their PC with an electric fan and Redditor Bassoon_Commie thinks it would be funny to fix his car with bits of their washing machine. It's easy to see why many people have picked Jury Rigging, it's very practical and would definitely save you a few dollars in repair bills.


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Solar Powered is another popular choice, that's when players get boosted Strength and Health Regeneration while in sunlight. ThatOneGuy308 likes the idea of being able to heal from any non-lethal wound by doing a spot of sunbathing while Jason_Peterson wants to be able to survive gunshots. Either these two have very chaotic lives or they're planning to get up to some extreme hijinks with their newfound power.

Answers to this question range from genuinely clever to clearly a joke, and if you can think of perk from Fallout, chances are it appears in this thread. Confirmed Bachelor/Lady Killer/Sex Appeal are all there for quite obvious reasons, Animal Friend is there as SloopKid would use their new animal powers to become the world's best zookeeper, Randall-Harper chose Lead Belly so they can drink out of toilets, and LegendofNick chose Cap Finder without properly considering the value of bottle caps in the modern world.

Personally, I'd probably go for Deep Sleep. Imagine how blissful it would be to get a full 8 hours of sleep no matter where you are. I like sleep, okay.

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