It's official: Hugh Neutron is coming to Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl this summer. No one can quite get over it - through the power of shitposting alone, we manifested Hugh before his boy genius son. It's beautiful stuff. But of course, as with any new fighting game character, everyone's attention has turned to what alternate skins he could be decked out with, as many expect the big man himself to be dripped out to the max.

Fans are debating what outfits Hugh should be kitted out with when he launches, and it turns out there's a fair amount to choose from. From a disco outfit to running around in his underwear, Hugh sported a good amount of looks on The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron. And even if he is launching soon, we have no idea what angle the devs are taking with him.


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Among the looks to choose from, the most popular of the bunch is a leather jacket fit, complete with sunglasses and a guitar. This is probably the most likely candidate, as this episode was actually referenced in his reveal trailer, as he made his big debut while riding a motorbike. If the bike is incorporated into his moveset, that's even more of a reason to give Hugh the rockstar look that befits his status.

However, it turns out he played a fair amount of dress up in the show. Another option is to have Hugh run around in his underwear, because of course. For something a bit more covered up, we have a disco look, and a Halloween costume too.

Whatever his alt is, he's already got fans hyped for his release in the coming months. According to the details of the DLC pack, every fighter will also come with their own stage, so there will be even more Jimmy Neutron content shoved in the game this summer. Just, y'know, not Jimmy himself.

The full fighter pack is available to purchase now. It gives you access to Jenny Wakeman right away, and will automatically give you Hugh and Rocko when they launch later in the year.

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