Jenny Wakeman was revealed to be the next DLC fighter in Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl yesterday, alongside Rocko and Hugh Neutron. The latter almost upstaged her, as fans couldn't get over how Jimmy's dad was making it into the game before the boy genius himself. However, for better or worse, Jenny found a way to get the spotlight back on her, thanks to the filthy minds of some fans.

As discovered by players, one of Jenny's pre-fight banters includes a line from the show that is heavily associated with a My Life as a Teenage Robot porn parody. No, I can't believe I'm typing this either. The line quickly went viral online, as few could believe that a line with such naughty implications had made it into the DLC pack. In fact, none were more shocked than Nick Brawl dev Thaddeus Crews, who has now revealed that the offending dialogue will be removed from the game.


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To those of us beautifully unaware of the connotations, the line in question sounds innocent enough, and actually comes from the show. "You wouldn't like my brain! It's all circuity and metallic!", Jenny screams, unaware that she just reminded the world of a very different cartoon she unwittingly stars in. The adult version switches "brain" to "body", for reasons I'm sure you can figure out yourself.

As Twitter blew up, sharing the screenshot around in disbelief, Thaddeus Crews commented on the discovery. "Boy was I flabbergasted", he said. "While it's a line from the show, it has unfortunate implications by proxy, as such we'll be removing it."

Crews elaborated on the situation in the game's official Discord. "If you ever wanted a concise example of how spread out and not on the same page this project is: here you go. Most likely someone on the team did know what they were doing by adding it".

So there you have it folks - enjoy your lewd reference while you can. And if you have no idea where the line came from, then appreciate your blissful ignorance and do all you can to maintain it.

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