Farming, romance, and combat are nestled into a fantasy world in Rune Factory 5. This RPG offers many things for you to do, providing hours of gameplay. Fantasy games are supposed to provide you with elements that do not exist in the real world, but sometimes Rune Factory 5 takes it to a whole new level.

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Accepting the existence of mythical creatures, various monsters, and the use of magic is easy enough, but eating food to learn how to craft a battle axe? In addition to an unconventional recipe system, there are strange crops, unusual tools, and odd monster interactions. Here are the things we found that make no sense at all.

10 Smash it With a Hammer!

If you've played farming sims before, it will not come as a surprise that in Rune Factory 5 the main character starts with a variety of farming tools. You are given a watering can, a hoe, a scythe for your crops and an axe and hammer to deal with trees and rocks respectively.

Though Harvest Moon and Story seasons also used a hammer to break rocks, it seems more common, and looks more natural, to use a pickaxe for such matters.

9 Magically Respawning Furniture

If you've placed any furniture outside and accidentally miss clicked while cleaning up your farm, you may have hit your furniture or even broken it. It can be very distressing to watch your hard-earned, and sometimes essential, furniture crumble away before your eyes.

However, if you leave the area and return the furniture will have magically respawned. Though this defies logic, it can actually be used in your favor. Many players use this as a workaround to place furniture closer together and create more aesthetic and efficient layouts.

8 Monsters Watering Crops

In Rune Factory 5 you can have monsters become your ally for the day or befriend them to permanently add them to your farm. Befriended monsters can offer multiple benefits such as producing materials, expanding your party, and having them do chores on your farm.

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Their main objective will be to water the crops, but how they achieve their goal looks odd. First, they will run to a dry patch of dirt, then, they will attack it and the plant is watered.

7 Blocked Future Deliveries

There are a few places where furniture can be delivered, but the one in your house starts with your wardrobe. The platform on the second level of The Silo, your home, is already populated with this piece of furniture.

You can only have one piece of furniture on the delivery platform at a time, so if you don’t move it before going to Studio Palmo, you will prevent delivery to your house. You will have to move each item off the platform before you can have additional deliveries sent to the same delivery location.

6 Contradictory Shopkeepers

Trying to shop at Studio Palmo can be frustrating if you are trying to compare prices or decide between pieces of furniture, and you have your sound on. Every couple of seconds Palmo or Ryker will say “Take your time.” After repeating the phrase a few times, it feels as if they wish for the exact opposite.

While Ryker and Palmo can be irritating, Lucy can provide you with some humor. While working at Serendipity, she will say “You have great taste!” even if you didn’t buy anything.

5 Mysterious St. Eliza

Sitting in the front of SEED Rigbarth Station is the request box, St. Eliza. They have eyes, purple hair, a snazzy outfit, and one shoe, and they handle important quests that everyone makes. They handle the requests by exchanging your SEED points for upgrades or for activating festivals.

It is not explained what St. Eliza is, how they are sentient, or why a box is in charge of such important tasks, but you do find out that the only person who can hear them is the main character and Livia.

4 Unorthodox Crops

At the Heart of Rune Factory 5 is farming, and with it, comes a variety of seeds that can be planted. Among those seeds are the Sword Seed and Shield Seed. Both of these seeds can be purchased at Serendipity after completing some requests for 1500 gold each.

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Once in your inventory, you can plant them on your farm or any farm dragons and after 12 days your plants will flower. If you focus more on farming and less on crafting and forging, this is a good alternative to getting decent equipment.

3 Riding Your Animals

You can add monsters to your party temporarily or befriend them to have them permanently added to your farm. If you choose to befriend them, they can offer you multiple forms of aid, including riding them. Some monsters are even large enough to allow you and another party member to ride them!

However, riding them might not be, visually, what you’d expect. Instead of using a saddle or even riding bare-back, your character places a small stool on the monster’s back and sits on it.

2 Recipe Bread

There are five types of recipe bread in Rune Factory 5: chemistry, cooking, crafting, farming, and weapon. The purpose of these breads is to learn new recipes. That’s right. Instead of reading a book or learning new recipes from other characters, you learn them from eating bread.

When you level up your skills, you eat the corresponding bread to learn new recipes that your new skill can now attempt. You can always attempt creation without a recipe, but you are more likely to fail.

1 Only Your Child Ages

Rune Factory 5 offers twelve romanceable characters that you can date, marry, and have children with. If you decide to have a child with your spouse, your baby won’t stay young for long. The game will skip ahead five years leaving with you a young child.

However, this is the only thing that changes in five years. All characters are left the same and your farm will be the same as you left it. Those hoping to see Hina or Julian grow up will be sadly disappointed.

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