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What to Watch Friday: 20/20 and Dateline both focus on famous NC murders

A screen grab from a May 13, 2022 episode of “20/20” shows police removing the body of a victim of Charlotte serial killer Henry Louis Wallace. ABC 20/20 screen grab

20/20 (9 p.m., ABC) - “20/20” takes on infamous Charlotte serial killer: Henry Louis Wallace. Starting in 1992, Wallace raped and murdered 10 young Black women in Charlotte, while his crimes were essentially ignored by police. The Charlotte killing spree lasted for two years (he also killed one woman in his hometown of Barnwell, S.C. in 1990) and his victims were all people he knew personally: neighbors, friends or co-workers. They were all Black women in their 20s and they were all murdered inside their homes. Wallace is sometimes called The Charlotte Strangler or The Taco Bell Strangler — named so because he managed a Taco Bell on North Sharon Amity Road in Charlotte and nearly all of his victims were employees there, or friends and co-workers of his girlfriend at a local Bojangle’s. He was the subject of a 2018 Investigation Discovery documentary called “Bad Henry.” You can read more about Wallace — and a breakdown of his victims — in our story about Infamous NC True Crime Stories. Wallace remains on death row.

What to expect in 20/20’s Henry Louis Wallace report

Friday’s new “20/20” report (available to stream on Hulu the next day) includes the latest details of the Taco Bell Strangler case. Here’s what to expect:

Deputies lead convicted serial killer Henry Louis Wallace to a van waiting to transport him to Raleigh’s Central Prison. CHRISTOPHER A. RECORD Christopher A. Record/The Charlotte Observer

20/20 has released some videos previewing tonight’s episode:

Henry Louis Wallace reflects on Charlotte murders (Good Henry vs. Bad Henry)

Why a mom wrote a public letter about her murdered daughter

Official trailer for the 20/20 episode on Henry Louis Wallace

Dateline NBC (9 p.m., NBC) - Keith Morrison reports on the murder of prominent plastic surgeon and local musician Dr. Frank “Buddy” McCutcheon, who was killed in his home near Asheville, NC, in July 2016. According to a report from The Asheville Citizen-Times, McCutcheon was found dead in the first-floor TV room of his home with his wife, Brenda McCutcheon, and was shot with a gun that Brenda testified was kept in a kitchen drawer. The gun was later found in their yard. Tonight’s report will have new details from never-before-seen police footage and exclusive TV interviews with insiders close to the case. Interviews include: Detectives John Ledford and Walt Thrower, Prosecutor Meghan Lock, Defense Attorneys Sean Devereux and Steve Cash, Buddy’s family members and more.

Undated file photos of nine of the women that Henry Louis Wallace strangled over 20 months. Top row, from left: Betty Jean Baucom; Shawna Hawk; Brandi June Henderson; Valencia M. Jumper and Caroline Love. Bottom row, from left: Vanessa Little Mack; Sharon Nance; Debra Ann Slaughter; and Michelle Stinson. AP Photo/Charlotte Observer File

Clockwise: Henry Louis Wallace; evidence in the Wallace case; Wallace’s Charlotte home at the time of the killings; Dee Sumpter, mother of victim Shawna Hawk; victim Shawna Hawk; Charlotte detective Garry McFadden. Discovery Communications

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