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A Texas salad brand with a location in Charlotte plans to expand into the Triangle

​Salata, a salad and wraps chain based in Texas, is moving into the Triangle starting in 2023. Salata

Following Torchy’s to the Triangle

Davis said the pandemic shifted the areas in the Triangle where Salata locations are likely to open. In Charlotte, the brand opened its first North Carolina store in the city’s urban “Uptown” area, and many of its Houston locations are near the center of the city.

“Our approach is different in each market,” Davis said. “We look at how much of the area has returned to work in-person. We haven’t really returned to offices in Houston, so we’ve focused on the suburban areas for new locations.”

Now that means that Salata is largely a takeout business. Davis said 70% of its orders are to-go, either ordered online or in-person.

“We’ve really matured as a brand in the last year,” Davis said. “It drove us to new levels.”

Salata looks to start opening locations in the Triangle starting in 2023.

It’s the second growing Texas restaurant brand to move into the area, following Torchy’s Tacos, which opened its first North Carolina location last year in Raleigh’s Midtown East development.

“We’re in recruitment mode, working on laying a strong foundation,” Davis said.

This story was originally published May 12, 2022 2:47 PM.

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